Diversity and Unity

Art of hands holding the world.

Gordon Johnson

Art of hands holding the world.

What is Diversity? Diversity is the understanding that each person is uniquely different through their race, ethnicity, age, religion, physical abilities, etc. Diversity is what sparks creativity. It is simply what makes you, you.

Using the advantages of diversity is fairly simple. Everyone’s opinion and viewpoints are different; by expressing your views and sharing your opinion with classmates, everyone benefits by seeing a new side of a topic. Students can learn from each other simply by having small discussions. When teachers allow students’ diversity to spill out by having open discussions, the topic suddenly becomes more interesting. Students become more engaged and focused.

What is Unity? Working together. Being united as one. Unity is people putting each other’s differences to the side to help each other. Being united generally means a group of people having the same end goal or focus and helping each other work towards it.

Unity is important at schools for many reasons. Unity prevents students from feeling left out or lonely, it also creates a healthy environment. It also creates a more powerful community in which everyone’s voice can be heard.

Unity is one of MVHS’s biggest attributes. Some great examples of unity are extracurricular clubs, such as the multicultural club. Multi quite literally means more than one. Unity can’t be achieved by one person, it is a group effort. The club gathers different students and creates a sense of unity by allowing anyone to join.

Unity in diversity is used as an expression of harmony and unity between dissimilar individuals or groups. Unity in diversity in schools, and workplaces helps with coordination, relationships, teamwork among people. This improves performance, work quality, productivity and lifestyle.