Where Would You Vacation for Christmas?


Can Christmas be warm?

With Christmas right around the corner the question on my mind is, “Where would you vacation for Christmas?” Well for me, I would want to vacation somewhere warm. Somewhere, like Hawaii or Los Angeles. Since I live in Utah, the weather could one day be the hottest day of the year, but then the very next day it will be snowing. I would like to go somewhere warm, because I like to think like the Dude Perfect stereotype. There is this one stereotype where it’s Christmas in Texas. Garret was wearing a tank top and shorts. I think that would be very nice, where you can go open your Christmas presents, eat lunch, go get a tan, and then take a dip in the pool. You could grill some ribs, and invite friends etc. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I know that people are going to be like, “but, you won’t get any snow! You can’t say you’ve had a white Christmas.” of all, it’s winter and you’re going to get snow till March. Second, I’ve lived in Utah for 8-9 years, so I’ve had a lot of white Christmases. I want to try something new.

Christmas is a great time of the year, and I would love to spend time with my family and friends. But, if I can go swimming after lunch while I grill up some ribs and steak, I’m all down for that.

I understand if you disagree with me, But I feel very confident when I say that the idea of swimming on Christmas is a little bit appealing to everyone.