Baby Goats

Zachary Benson

If you had seen the Baby Goats FC team play just one year ago, you would not believe that they would be where they are today. A team that went from playing city recreation to being the 2nd place team in division 2 in the Utah County Soccer Club. “We have been fighting for these girls to move up and there were lots of people along the way that told us it was impossible for us to do what we did,” said team manager, Mikki Grimmley. 

In the beginning the Baby Goats team petitioned to skip a division after playing in district and never having another team score on them and winning by 5-10 points every game. The board declined and told them they had to play in division 4. However, the fight this team had helped them push forward even in the midst of a Covid shutdown. Which meant that they would not have a season to show all the hours of hard work they had put in. 

They met with a big club and considered changing from the Baby Goats FC to a big club team just so the girls would have the chance to play at a higher level. “These girls deserve this chance,” Mikki Grimmely added. Then a miracle happened! UCSC had a D2 team drop and there was a spot that the team could take. They spent hours debating on if they could make the jump from a district team to a division 2 team and more importantly, would the girls be ready?

In the end, coach Dan Cardenas took a team made up of mostly girls that played recreation soccer to the top of division 2 in a mere two seasons. And now here they are moving to division 1 and crushing their opponents as they make their way to premier on the indoor fields as well as the outdoor.