BYU Players entering NFL Draft

You might wonder what is the NFL Draft? Every year, College players enter the NFL (National Football League). To get the best player, The team has to have the worst record. The NFL season lasts 17 weeks but the team gets a bye week to rest your players. This period consists of 16 games and the playoffs. 14 teams get to go while the other 18 are locked into their draft picks. This year the Jacksonville Jaguars have a record 1-15, giving them the 1st overall pick in the draft.

So with the multiple BYU players choosing to enter the 2021 NFL draft, you might be wondering who are these BYU players? The major headline is BYU’s Quarterback Zach Wilson. The others entering the draft consists of Wide Receiver Dax Milne; Left Tackle Brady Christiansen and Nose tackle, Khyiris Tonga and Safety Troy Warner (who is the younger brother of Fred Warner, Linebacker for the 49ers).

At the beginning of the season Zach Wilson was ranked the 103rd player coming out of college this year, according to the Draft Network. He was projected to go somewhere in the early 3rd round all the way to the 5th round. However, Zach Wilson’s draft stock shot up after he had a career year by throwing 3,692 yards on 247 completions, with 33 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Zach also made the stat sheet with his rushing yards with 70 attempts with 254 yards and 10 TD’s. After a career year, Zach is the 2 best QB coming out of College. Zach is now projected to go earliest with the 2nd overall pick for the New York Jets. In an interview with BYU sport, Zach was asked where he felt like would be the best place for him to go. Zach replied saying,

“I haven’t watched a ton of specifics with NFL teams as far as what offenses they run you know. One just off the top of my head is the 49ers. I’m very familiar with what Kyle Shanahan does, and in the system that they have and I think I’d fit in well there.”

The 49ers hold the number 12th overall pick in the draft this year. However, a couple of teams need a quarterback of Zach’s ability. The New York Jets are looking at him, as well as the Atlanta Falcons, the Detroit Lions, the Carolina Panthers. If the 49ers want to draft Zach, they will have to trade up to get him or get lucky.

Dax Milne had a record year with 70 catches for 1188 yards and 8 TD’s. Dax was the leading wide receiver in receiver at BYU. However, Dax only had one 1,000 yard season. Only being a junior, Dax should stay for his senior season and prove he is one of the top wideouts in college football. He will go somewhere from late 2nd to early 5th round.

Brady Christensen has protected Zach’s blind side. He helped BYU to rank 4th in offensive scoring and 7th in total offense. However, he has struggles with pass rush. Unless he doesn’t overset, NFL teams will think about him moving to the right side or into guard. He will probably go in the later rounds of the draft.

Troy Warner, captain of the defense. Had a decent year with 21 tackles, with 2 picks and 2 pass break ups. Teams hated going deep on Warner’s side. Troy’s older brother Fred Warner is one of the top linebackers in the NFL. Fred was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and I see Troy going around the 3rd round as well. Maybe sooner.
The NFL Draft will be from April 29-May 1st in Cleveland, Ohio. Tune in to see some your favorite BYU players and others College players see their dreams come true when they enter the NFL.