PREVIEW- Multicultural Week


Art of rainbow people holding hands around the world.

Unity in diversity, that is something that Mountain View faculty and students strive to live by inside and outside of MV walls. According to US News, Mountain View High School has a 40% minority enrollment. It was just this year, Mountain View High School was awarded the Utah High School of Excellence Award for “Closing the Opportunity Gap” which shows the care that all MV staff has for its Multilingual students. Diversity is something very special about our school, and it’s something to be celebrated! The Multicultural Week is just for that.

Throughout the weeklong celebration of diverse cultures (January 25th through 30th), there will be events during lunch and some after school. On Thursday, January 28th, there will be an evening performance highlighting all of the cultures. Some groups will perform songs, some dances, and some poems all to project their unique culture. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the different cultures in our community and to also celebrate your own! In addition to the activities throughout the week, there is also an assembly for all MV students and staff which will be during school on Friday, January 29th. This is one of the favorite assemblies, involving more than 100 students. It marks pages in the yearbook every year, showing Mountain View’s pride in diversity. Come and celebrate with MV students and family! Whether it is in-person or via technology, we would love to have you! (Covid-19 may require specific restrictions for the evening program and assembly. If you’re interested in going be sure to check for tickets on beforehand. Thank you!)
“Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.”
-Robert Allen