Performing Arts UT & MV


For Salt Lake County, performing arts is a huge part of the historic culture. There are multiple theatres and concert halls in Salt Lake City,– some of which are Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, Eccles Theater, and the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. All of these have been closed for about a year now due the Coronavirus pandemic. The performers and citizens have been anxiously waiting for the closure to be lifted and that day has almost come! It is said that the performing arts venues of Salt Lake County will open again on March 25th!

There will be restrictions set in place for the safety of the audience, performers, and staff; masks, group limits, and distancing are among those that will be enforced. Salt Lake County Arts and Culture stated, “Our phased reopening will support us getting back to presenting work to live audiences in a way that protects everyone.” For Utah citizens, this is a sign of the storm starting to clear. It gives hope in reaching a new normal. The Salt Lake City officials were sure to say that they will keep a watchful eye of the cases in the coming weeks and months, and do what is safest for the people.

There are even more events and openings that were postponed due the Covid-19 virus that are beginning to mark calendars once again. Yes, even here at Mountain View! The Bruin’s Performing Arts week was scheduled for the last week in December of 2020, but was canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is now going to be held next week! There will be videos and activities to support Mountain View’s many various music, dance, theatre, and art groups. Look to get involved in supporting these students next week, March 15th through the 19th!