Why Should You Join Sports?

High school sports can be one of the best experiences of your high school career. What you may remember most from your high school years could be the moments you remember on the field or court with your best friends and teammates. Joining a team creates opportunities for new friendships and skills to be learned. It also creates opportunities for your future and can allow you to gain scholarships and expand your options for college.

Not only do sports help you to look forward to your future, but they also give you athletic abilities and strength during the process. Joining a team doesn’t only mean playing your sport, but conditioning and weight training to give yourself significant health advantages. If you’re worried about keeping up with academics during the season, reach out to our sports directors for help. They motivate you to be active, eat healthy and be proactive in school.

Mountain View also emphasizes the “student athlete” perspective that puts school work first to allow you to participate in your sport. Being new and not knowing anybody sophomore year, I joined the sports program and this allowed me to make connections and a reason to engage at Mountain View. I helped contribute to several state championships and earned a state ring that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Being a part of something like that is the best feeling and I would do it again if I could. High school is when you are in peak performance as a young athlete so take advantage of what you can do and put it to good work by contributing to our sports program.