2021-22 Class President Candidates

As we get closer to the ending of this school year, we get ready for Student Council elections for the new year. This year’s Mountain View High School Presidential Candidates running are, Kallie Kunz for Senior president, Brooke Hendrickson for Junior president, and Elly Hope for Sophomore president. When asked to give a brief explanation of what their plans are if they are elected truly astonished me as I read each of their statements.

Kallie Kunz who is running for Senior president said, “The main thing I’d want to do if I was President is make high school more fun for everyone and create more opportunities for people to be involved in the school. I’ve always loved the Mountain View and how everyone is so welcoming and open to new ideas here! It’s honestly my favorite part about the school. An idea I have is to create new activities that involve different groups of the student body so we can make it easier to get involved no matter what you’re interested in.”

Elly Hope who is running for Junior president had this to say, “I want to be Junior Class President because… like Shawn Mendes beautifully serenades us, “we don’t have the time to be sorry”. I believe there is so much potential for further greatness in this school. Now is the time to show who we are and what we can do! If I was the Junior class president I would want to continue to grow the Mountain View community and family environment. I’m really passionate about being supportive and accepting. The people around us are the future and are a part of our story and I think we can all push each other to become our greatest selves. Together we can accomplish anything . Some Plans are to try and to have more interactive activities with the whole school. I know it’s hard with COVID but even just a coloring book contest or a lip sync battle where you send in videos and we have judges. I believe things like this can help us gain more school spirit and have a little fun.”

Brooke Hendricson who is running for Sophomore president said this, “My goal and hope for being president is to give the students more of a voice in our school. Our student body has so many wonderful and creative ideas that are neer heard. With the students not having their voice, ideas, opinions, etc. heard they can feel as if their voices don’t matter!!!! There is no such thing as a bad idea!! I want to be able to make the students and administration partners and not a hierarchy.”

So many great things coming from the future here at Mountain View. After hearing what these awesome students had to say I believe that it is going to be an exciting school year and experience.