Prom is a magical night where we get to dress up in our best dresses and suits and dance the night away. Prom was hosted at Mountain View High School’s Bruin Bowl on Saturday April 16, 2021 from 8pm-10:30pm. To be totally honest, I didn’t think that it was going to be all that great given it was being held at our Bruin Bowl. I showed up and you could see this big balloon arch with our school colors and I heard the music. As I finished taking my temperature I walked through the red carpet with my friends and felt like a star. I saw people dancing and having fun. There weren’t a lot of people there at first but as the night went on, the dance squares or the barricaded squares were all full of people dancing the night away. I was never the person to think prom was of any importance because I never really cared, and really wasn’t the type to get hyped over a school dance. The experience was phenomenal and I probably wouldn’t change it for another prom if the offer was on the table.

I have to add that everyone at the dance looked stunning, I saw dresses that fit peoples’ personalities so well. I saw clean suits and color coordinated suits and dresses for dates that looked amazing. Prom 2021 was a success, especially with a global pandemic still affecting our lives to this day. The refreshments were awesome as well, a healthy and sweet balance of fruits and brownies, with of course a side of water that was delicious and refreshing after dancing the night away. It was an amazing experience and truly a night to remember. It wouldn’t have been a successful event without the help of everyone, to the faculty who supervised the event, served the refreshments, the check in tables at the entrance, and so much more. The student council members who made it look amazing and the clean up crew, and the DJ especially with the awesome playlist. Prom 2021 was truly an unforgettable experience for so many people.