Girls Golf Season Highlights


Kelly Mannewitz

The Girls Golf Team competing at the Soldier Hollow Tournament.

Girls Golf Season Highlights
Mckenzie Mangum

The girls golf team motto this year was, “swing your swing.” Meaning that it is important to swing your swing, with whatever club you choose, however you want. We strived to build that confidence in our own swings, and make us stronger.

Annalisa Scott has been playing on the team for 2 years. In a conversation, I was able to ask Annalisa what her favorite part about being on a team is and she said, “I love that we are able to make connections. There’s something different and special about being on a team. We learn, grow, and make mistakes together. Megan [another girl on the team] shared a good perspective and bond with me about how we always watch each other at practice. There is comfort and security when we are around each other compared to the girls we played with at tournaments. We could easily become self conscious around these random people, but with our team, we could feel secure.” Another question asked was how she grew personally during the season, and she responded with: “I improved a lot on my swing and I had a really fun time. I’m sad it’s over!”

In an interview with the new head coach, Kelly Mannewitz, she was asked about how the season went for the team, and responded saying, “I think the season, overall, went really well. We saw lots of improvement from all of our players. We fulfilled our goal to be the dream team– we strive to be the grateful team, the respectful team, the friendly team, the encouraging team. I recognized this in the team and the other coaches in our region recognized it as well. I am happy to be a part of the dream team. These athletes really created a welcoming community.” She was also asked what her favorite coaching moment was, she answered saying: “The biggest thing that I learned was that even though one thing went wrong that doesn’t mean the next thing cannot go right. There are many times in golf where we are hard on ourselves because we may have had a bad stroke. However, there is power in forward thinking. The next hit can be great! This is applicable in life outside of golf as well. And I hope that is something the team can take with them.” We love Coach Kelly and look forward to growing in our golf game with her.

Maren Mella just started playing this year, and has loved it ever since. She was asked about how her season went and she said, “The season went way better than I expected. I improved so much and it was so fun.” Then, she was asked what she enjoyed most about being on the team and she responded saying, “I love how the girls on the team laugh so much! I also love the environment on the golf team and how everyone is so nice and including!”

Her first season and the first time playing golf, Megan Hull was questioned about her personal performance she stated, “I feel like the season went pretty well and was a party.” When asked about her favorite part about being on the team, she said, “We have amazing support while we play because we’re cheering each other on. I love how much fun we have together.”

Hannah Fairbanks, team captain, has been playing golf since she was 10, and has been on the team for three years. When asked about how she thinks the team improved this season, she replied: “I think we played really well! We all learned a lot about the game of golf and we all improved!” Then about her personal season, she answered saying, “I did really well this season! I learned a lot and improved so much! The last tournament we had, I shot my best score ever.”
The last question she was asked was what she liked most about being on a team, and she responded, “I love the social aspect of the team! I love getting to know the girls and bonding while playing golf! I love being with the coach and the girls. All of them are so fun!! Practices were fun because most of the time we had good weather and we were able to play golf and just have a good time together!”

Girls golf might not seem that fun, but this team of girls will prove you wrong. We look forward to seeing what happens next with the team. Congratulations on your wonderful season.