Romeo and Juliet Rehearsals

Romeo and Juliet Rehearsals

At Mountain View High School we have Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Rehearsals on going practicing several hours everyday after school and plan on increasing those hours for their dress rehearsals. The play is going to be on September 23rd to the 25th at 7:00 pm every night.

Tara Lynn Tanner says she is excited for this cast due to all of the people who are new to this and for the ones who have experience to help her and the others out. Miss Tanner also says,” the cast’s work effort is good and have very little issues with them, and that they are making quick progress with their lines and making the props”. Miss Tanner also says,” it’s amazing how they can take something from way back and make it more modern”. Brooke, who has the role of Juliet, also feels great about the cast and says, “it’s a joyful environment to be in after school for Rehearsals”. Jaxon who plays Romeo says this one of the best things he does after school and “I enjoy it alot that it’s very fun”. He also thinks the cast is great as well as their progress.

Owen Mullen

People in Stage Crew are also working very hard and as swift as possible to help make this event amazing. They have been working on the props for the play which will be a balcony, an arch way, a church, and more. Currently a few of the stage crew members have said that so far this is one of the easier things they have done due to finding older props and platforms laying around that were used for other shows to use for this play.

Members from the cast and from the crew have said they would highly recommend people to come and watch them play this inspiring show that they know it’s gonna turn out very good. They are more than excited to do this for Mountain View and are working hard for it.