Mountain View’s Auto Program

Mountain View is the only high school in Alpine School District that has an auto shop. Meaning, if students that are not at MVHS want to take an auto shop class, they have to come all the way to Mountain View for one of their periods. I was able to sit and talk with Mountain Views auto teacher, Brent Woffinden.
When Mr. Woffinden was asked what the best part about being an auto teacher was, his response was,”Watching the next generation develop these skills, and helping them be more self-sufficient.” I personally agree with this statement. I have taken auto classes for the past 3 years now, and the skills that I have learned so many helpful skills that everyone can and should learn. It helps with the simplest tasks and can help you save money.
Mr. Woffinden was then asked if he thinks it is important for schools to have an auto shop. “Of course! There is a big shortage of technicians, and we are trying to create those technicians.” replied Brent. Auto mechanics is not a very popular profession or field to go into, therefore this class gets young kids interested in this field at a young age.
The last question he was asked was if he has or if the class has positively affected a students life. Mr. Woffinden did not say anything, all he did was show an Instagram post of a note that a student gave to him. The post with the note read,” Mr. Woff, thank you so much for teaching us valuable skills and how to fix our cars. My truck broke down over the summer and I knew how to fix it thanks to you!” “There is your answer,” said Brent. So to all those who read this, go and try new things, try this class while you have the chance. You will learn valuable lessons, even If you don’t like them.