New Enemy Arrives

Just when you thought 2020 could not get any worse. Now we have giant hornets with freakish eyes and a venomous sting to add to this year’s long list of worries. For the first time, Asian giant hornets have been spotted in the United States, specifically in Washington state, scientists say. Beekeepers have reported piles of dead bees with their heads ripped off, an alarming sight in a country with a rapidly declining bee population. At more than two inches long, they’re the world’s largest hornets with a sting that can kill humans if stung multiple times, according to experts at the Washington State University. The giant insects are nicknamed “murder hornets.” “They’re like something out of a monster cartoon with this huge yellow-orange face,” Susan Cobey, a bee breeder at the Washington State University’s department of entomology, said recently.”
Although this year has been pretty bad, at least these types of hornets wouldn’t survive in Utah’s climate. Our climate that we live in might seem pretty bad all of the time, but at least it stops the murder hornet. I would rather live here for now and not deal with them rather than deal with them like Washington has to. Just goes to show even in the bad something can be good about it, right?
“They attack honey bee hives, killing adult bees and devouring bee larvae and pupae, while aggressively defending the occupied colony,” he added. “Their stings are big and painful, with a potent neurotoxin. Multiple stings can kill humans, even if they are not allergic.” “Washington state agricultural officials are asking beekeepers and residents to report any sightings of the giant hornets. But don’t get too close. Its sting can penetrate a regular beekeeper’s suit, and state scientists had to order special reinforced suits
But if you have any hope of getting rid of these things, call state animal controls of where you live. Just use google for the number and as they say, run inside from these things. Also hopefully it doesn’t get into your house.