Mckay Kelly- Sterling Scholar


Mckay Kelly- Sterling Scholar

Mckay Kelly won all around Mountain View’s Sterling Scholar for vocal performance. It wasn’t an easy process. First, he sang at the school level and was interviewed about what impact music had and why he was interested in being Sterling Scholar. Afterward, a portfolio was put together and shown to different judges. He performed at a region level and are once again interviewed. Only a select few make it to state.

The actual event was recorded, where each category had runners up and three performed in the vocal category. The competition was very intimidating, with people who had trained for years in prestigious places like Broadway.

When Mckay found out he had won, he felt “overwhelmed. It was so surreal,” he reported. When asked if he celebrated, Kelly responded, “Oh yeah, I stayed up a little later that night and went and got a shake.”

This incredible experience has some great benefits. Mckay has received a free full-year scholarship to BYU, and although he didn’t apply there, Westminster contacted him and offered him a scholarship.