A Greater Show Worth Watch’n

by Grant Stowell

The seniors here at Mountain View’s drama department have really set the bar high for thespians to come. The posters have been posted and few eyes have yet to see the senior show, Greater Tuna, which is quite the experience! Last night was the thespian showing and it’s been proven that this cast is ready and prepped to open the show to the public. The characters are represented remarkably well and the premise of the show keeps you laughing the whole time. The performance is taken place in the auditorium with a unique set up on the stage in “the round.” The actors and tech crew have worked very hard for many hours to bring a professional feeling to this show.
Greater Tuna takes place in the imaginary town of “Greater Tuna, Texas.” With no real plot or storyline the show follows about 14 characters; all with their own backstory, motivations, and hilariously constructed personalities that you would only expect to see in the most ridiculous redneck setting. There’s not nearly a single moment that comedic dialogue isn’t just spewing out of the mouths of the actors. Mr. Criman has certainly picked a choice show for this senior cast. The performance will run from Wednesday the 13th-Saturday the 16th, doors open 6:16 and the show will start at 7:00.