Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Release

By Grant Stowell

Last year Star Wars arose out of the ashes to bring us The Force Awakens. During this time Lucasfilm undisclosed that with the production of episodes 7-9 they will also be making 3 anthology spin off films. Now the first of those three movies, Rogue One, has just released its first teaser trailer on April 6! The plot of the film already had fans very interested and now that the teaser has dropped, theories and pandemonium have struck Star Wars lovers everywhere.

The movie takes place in between episodes 3 and 4 but more towards the beginning of A New Hope, because the base plot of this film is how the rebellion obtains the Death Star plans. has a whole new cast that has never been seen before in the star wars saga. New main characters, new stormtroopers, and new villains. In a situation like that, no one has any guarantees to stay alive (especially stormtroopers). Even with all the new characters, the best part about this new movie is that it’s bringing fans back to the first era of star wars. The end of the film most likely will be moments before the events that take place in the original Star Wars; this means that a Darth Vader cameo is almost imminent, although such an appearance has neither been approved or disclaimed; hopefully from the next official trailer that will be disclosed. The movies premiere date is December 16 of this year; 8 months could not come any quicker.