Why school should start later in the day vs earlier in the morning

Wow, another early morning. No energy to go to class. Not being caught up in any class. Attendance and grades are starting to not look too good. There’s only one solution for that.

If class were to start at a later time, students would be keeping better grades, students would have a longer sleep schedule which would keep teenagers awake during class, and students would have improved attendance.
Imagine getting better grades. That’s something lots of highschool students would love! If school were to start later in the day, students would be more likely to pay attention and get better grades, as well as getting more assignments done.
A longer sleep schedule seems ideal to students. Going to school tired is never fun. With a longer sleep schedule students would not be falling asleep in class and would actually want to go to class on time and pay attention.
Many high school students don’t have the best attendance, but when starting school at a later time, that may change. Students would be able to wake up and want to go to school, and it wouldn’t affect their attendance so much. Teachers wouldn’t have to worry so much about having to have to catch up missing students as often.
On the other hand, in the article “How Would Later School Start Times Affect Sleep?” it states that later school start times could cause scheduling conflicts, transportation challenges, and childcare issues. “However, these problems can likely be solved with flexibility and thoughtful planning.”
In conclusion, school starting at a later time is more beneficial for students when it comes to their sleep, grades, and attendance.