Cardinal and Gold Week 2022

Once a year, Mountain View has what they call “Red and Gold Week.” It’s essentially the juniors that are running for positions like student body president and others like that for their senior year. They split all the juniors, which is a lot, that are running for various positions and split them into two different teams, cardinal and gold. They plan for weeks about activities and other fun things that they want to do so they can win people’s votes. There is even an assembly just for this and they put on a show; after the assembly students then send in their votes on who they want for a certain position. Whoever wins the most votes, gets that position for their senior year. In closing, here is a quick rundown on how this year’s Cardinal and Gold Week went.
The main hallway was divided in half, cardinal took one side and gold took the other. They decorated their halves of the halls with their team colors and with all the names of people participating and what positions they were running for.
They each had their own activities for students to participate in. Cardinal had activities called “Guess the baby” and “Blow the Cup”. Both of which were fun challenges. Gold had fun activities like Spikeball and Karaoke.
Cardinal notably went to a Lacrosse game in the pouring rain to show their support. Gold had really creative and funny videos for school announcements. Red also had many different activities that took place during lunch, and they had a HUGE turnout. Gold also had a huge supporter for their side, and that supporter was Mr. Fong. Mr. Fong is the psychology teacher at Mountain View, and this was huge for gold because everyone at MVHS knows and loves Mr. Fong.
At the assembly, both teams had to prepare something to do to entertain the students. Gold had a pie challenge which was just entertaining and super funny to watch. Cardinal had a dance that they put together, and the highlight of the dance was when Garret Whimpey had a spotlight moment and he did a dance to the music of Careless Whispers.
These were all the major events and activities that took place during Cardinal and Gold Week. This is something to participate in and to look forward to. It is a time to support the people you like and hopefully see the good that they bring to the school while they play their part in making the school a better place.