Mountain View is now a Next Generation School

Mountain View is now a Next Generation School

What does this mean? It means students attending Mountain View 2022-2023 will now be receiving chromebooks to use for the entire school year instead of having them in classrooms. This will also allow students to work at home if given homework that requires them to use a computer.

Students will also be able to pay for chromebook insurance which costs a total of $25. Without insurance you will have to pay a total of $310 if the chromebook is damaged or broken.

One of the many things asked about this change is the impact on learning. Though many classes use chromebooks to assist with teaching, students will still have to do learning at school and attend classes. This will be giving students another tool to help with their learning at Mountain View.

From the Mountain View Administration and Faculty-
“Teachers and teams will continue to work diligently to create learning environments for our students to obtain the knowledge, skills & dispositions needed for our changing world. We look forward to the connections, discoveries and creations that will come from this opportunity.”

After an interview with Mrs. Hopkins, one of the people in charge of distribution of the chromebooks, here is what she had to say about it. “The distribution of the chromebooks went pretty smoothly and we got most students their chromebooks on the picture days. The only main problem we got was parents not signing the permission forms. [We] could have better communicated for parents needing to sign them.” As Hopkins has said, the only problem was getting parents to sign for the students to receive their chromebooks. The main reason for that was that it was poorly communicated to the parents.