Student reviews Harry Styles’s new album “Harry’s House”


“Harry’s House” album cover

In this past year we’ve had so much going on in the music scene. Hundreds of albums have been released by so many emerging and some already very popular artists. Today I’m going to be talking about and reviewing the album “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles, as well as rating its songs on a scale from 1-10.

“Harry’s House” has a total of 13 tracks totalling to about 42 minutes with the main track being “As It Was”.
The first song “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” is a synth-pop track that is very upbeat and has very much disco vibes. It’s a good song but I give this a 6/10 only because this isn’t really my style.
The next track “Late Night Talking” has to be in my top five for this album. It’s a very summery and fresh vibe indie-pop song. I rate this an 8/10 because it’s very catchy, but also simple.
The next song is called “Grapejuice”. It’s another funk-synth-pop song and it talks about how he can’t live without the person it’s about. I give this song a 7/10 because I love the mellow vibes but there’s not much of a story in this song as opposed to some others on this album.
The following song is the main track of the album, “As It Was”. This song follows the pattern of the funk-pop genre and has a more somber tone while still seeming upbeat. The song talks about (as the title very clearly states) how things aren’t the same as they used to be in his life. This could be due to personal things, his separation from “One Direction” (a boy-band he was previously in), or his rise to fame at a young age. Regardless of the root of the song, it’s very memorable and great to play for car rides. I give this song an 8/10.
The fifth track “Daylight” is a pop song that is surprisingly calm and speeds up a bit during the instrumental chorus. There isn’t much to this song so I give it a 7/10.
“Little Freak” is the name of the next song and one of my personal favorites. It’s about reminiscing memories of a loved one who is no longer in his life. It’s very nostalgic for some reason and very serene. I feel like this song has just the right amount of layers with mostly guitar, some assisting drums, and a few other instruments and sounds. Like I said, this is my second favorite track so I give this a 9/10.
The next track “Matilda” is my personal favorite. It feels very domestic and personal. This song is Harry singing to Matilda about how it’s okay to move on, take care of herself, and not feel guilty about it. Her family seems to not have been very good at taking care of her or being able to show her love throughout her childhood hence the lyric “You can start a family who will always show you love / You don’t have to be sorry, no.” I’m in love with the guitar and how minimal this is. I absolutely adore this song and give it a 10/10.
The song that follows is called “Cinema”. It’s another funk-pop song that feels like a fever dream. I love the vibe of this song and it’s definitely in my top three for this album. I give this song a 9/10.
“Daydreaming” is the next track on the album. It’s an alternative/indie song layered with Harry’s breathtaking vocals, electric guitar, keyboards, trumpets, and so much more. I love how maximalist yet laid back this song feels. I give this a 9/10.
“Keep Driving” is another very minimal and chill song. It’s a bit fast-paced but it still seems very tranquil and like something you would listen to on a rainy day. I don’t have much else to say other than I give this song an 8/10.
The next track “Satellite” reminds me of space. I think the title perfectly describes how this song feels. It feels like you’re drifting in space, just like a satellite would. During the chorus it becomes a bit more upbeat before settling down again for the next verse. Overall, I love this song and give it an 8/10.
The second to last track is called “Boyfriends”. The title is pretty self explanatory with the song talking about boyfriends and what they do. I love the simple guitar and I think this song is an amazing display of musicality. It’s amazing how complete and full a song can sound with barely any layers. I’m also giving this song an 8/10.
The final track on the album is titled “Love Of My Life”. The first thing I noticed was the bass-like synths. A part that stood out to me was in the first chorus when he sings “But, baby, you were the love of my life”. While singing the word “life” he does an arpeggio into a higher octave and it sounds so effortless. The piano that wraps up the song is my personal favorite part. I absolutely love this song and give it a 9/10.

Overall, this album is a great source of inspiration for daily life. It features music that you can listen to while doing just about anything, but I personally prefer to listen to it while winding down from something. To conclude, my final rating of the album “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles is an 8.5/10. It’s a very good album and not many albums have the title of “perfect” in my opinion, so this is saying something. “Harry’s House” is a piece of art that I highly recommend.