A famous baker comes to Mountain View to show students the ins and outs of baking

On November 8, Mountain View High school got the lucky chance for The Mighty Baker Pete Tidwell to come into our cooking class and show us how to properly make icing and decorate a cake. He first showed us the steps on how he started his business then got to the fun stuff. He had slides showing us how to make icing from scratch and all the techniques of hot icing the cake. He also stated why knowing all of these things is important, especially baking. Baking is like art and you can do anything with it. Baking brings so much happiness and learning how to properly use fondant and what to do when chocolate is at the right temperature.

The Mighty Bakery is The Ultimate Two time winning bakery on Cake Wars. It all started out with a baker who opened a bakery in Provo, Utah not knowing where it would go. A baker named Pete Tidwell had any other dreams a baker would have. He wanted to be a successful baker with a top hit bakery. Well, that didn’t take too long because as Pete would know his bakery was one of the best bakeries in Utah County working in the shop almost 90 hours a week, day and night to finish cakes for so many people. He even started to get noticed by big companies.Pete started making cakes for the airlines Delta and the grand opening of The Salt Lake City airport and so many more companies.
Although he was making a successful business it was all starting to catch up to him on being tired and working too much all up to the point where he had to close down the shop in Provo because of the rush. The Mighty Baker Bakery closed down in 2018 because of the rush. Throughout 2018-2020 he started an operational business from home to help others but that wasn’t going too well either. In 2020 he opened another shop in Riverwoods Provo to still hopefully push through with the business. But instead of making all the cakes himself and doing every little detail for the cakes he made it a workshop for people to design their own cakes. At first it did not do so well because he and his workers at the start of Covid were coming up making it almost impossible to keep the business running, due to no one being able to come out of the house or touching anything. About 3 months ago he sadly had to close the company down because of financial problems and not being able to keep up with payments.
As much as everything felt like it was going wrong. Pete Tidwell thought of starting a little business where he can help other bakers build their businesses and how to get a business up and running. “Start a business and not a job for yourself,” Pete Tidwell said. Not knowing how everything would go Pete was all about starting a business and becoming successful. He later learned everything a business had to come with from being an owner to working non-stop. Pete had his bakery job but had to also get a full time job at the start of the year to try and keep his shop running but it was all not enough. Still to this day he works to keep his baker’s dream alive and even started his own podcast on how he makes cakes, how he makes them and what made him want to do what he does. About to start his own youtube channel called The Mighty Baker, Channel Pete Tidwell took the ups and downs of the good and bads and is now one of the most successful bakeries from Provo, Utah.