Entertainment Highlight: Wakanda Forever



this picture is not mine the credit goes to disney+

The new black Panther movie Wakanda Forever came out a little bit ago. I went to see it and here is what I thought. This movie is a good one. Just be advised that it’s a little morbid, so be prepared to cry. This movie was pretty good. One of Marvel’s best in my opinion, but that’s my opinion; judge for yourself. If you like suspense and surprises, this is the movie for you. This movie shows how human nature works, especially when we work together. It shows what we should strive to be. For example, in the previous movie all of the country was united under T’challa and lived happily. Then later in the movie when the country is under threat, the most opposing people to the ways that the capital saw that they needed help. They did all they could to make Wakanda a safe place to live. That continues in this movie because this plot helped the main characters discover where they needed to be. This movie was not Marvel’s best, but most important to the Black Panther because without the Black Panther the whole Marvel universe will be in danger. That is what I thought about this movie, but go and judge for yourselves and try to be like T’challa.