We’re Making History: BLM


Obi Onyeador

Woman holding up a BLM poster at a protest outside the Whitehouse.

There have been many moments this year that have the potential of going down in future history books— such as the fire tornado or the pandemic— but one topic stands out among the others. Whether you view it as controversial or justified, the Black Lives Matter movement and its details have slipped off the tongue of every person in our nation. The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have sparked protests on every continent except Antarctica, in over 60 countries. As this could be a defining moment in our history, the opinions of our school should be recorded. The students of Mountain View High School didn’t have much to say about events that are happening in our parents’ world, but here is what they commented when asked, “What do you think about the BLM movement?”

“Yes, I mean all lives matter, but yeah black lives matter.” -10th grader. 

“I think it’s important. I think that every life matters, black lives are important too. I agree that we should be nice to the movement, but I don’t like the violence that is connected to it.” -10th grader.

“I think it’s a good idea to protest, because black lives matter of course and they get taken away. There are some racist officers out there and like just shoot up, and I don’t get why. Skin color should not matter at all… Black [people] are gonna be dying everyday if we don’t do something about it… I don’t like how people are scared for their lives.”- 10th grader.

“I don’t think it’s good when people get hurt in the protest.” -10th grader.

“I really don’t care about the [BLM movement]… I just want this whole thing to be over.” -10 grader.

“I think it’s something that needs to be supported. There is a lot of police brutality that needs to stop.” -10th grader.

“It’s a tough topic.” -10th grader.

“I’m very iffy on it, because what it should be is peaceful protesting, but what it is is rioting. And that’s making the Black Lives Matter group look bad, because they’re not the ones rioting. It’s the people who want to join in who are. But Black Lives Matter the actual foundation, it’s peaceful, they do peaceful protests. So the people rioting is just going against what they’re saying.”-11th grader

“I think it’s a great movement.”-12th grader

“I think that racism should have ended a while ago and I don’t understand why it’s still going on today. And the police brutality thing, I don’t understand why that’s going on either. I know the cop here at the school, he’s a nice guy. I feel like it’s more about the person and less about the cop.” -12th grader

“Oh boy. I understand that [BLM] want to express themselves and express their opinions. And I like what they’re saying, I like that they’re saying Black Lives Matter, cause I do agree that they matter, but they’re taking it a bit too far. And the riots and everything going on is kinda ridiculous and I don’t think it’s necessary or alright.”-12th grader

The students at Mountain View have many varying opinions on this subject, but they all know about the BLM movement. It is something that they will grow up knowing, something they will recognize when they hear it as adults. Regardless of contempt or satisfaction, the Black Lives Matter movement is forever ingrained in the history of our generation.