Fall Break

With the first quarter ending, students were eager for fall break to begin. It gives students the chance to just relax and take a break from school. I wanted to know what my fellow bruins did during the break. I had the chance to interview two Mountain View students to see how their fall break went. Let me just tell you you’re in for a real treat.

Preston Thompson is a senior at Mountain View High School. Over the break Preston was able to visit Virginia with his family when asked what he did during the trip Preston said “ When I first got there I was able to visit Southern Virginia University.” He explained that the University was recruiting him to play basketball there and the visit was a great experience. After the visit Preston was able to go to our nation’s capital. Preston said “I got to visit all the landmarks and monuments. Seeing all these places that I hear about in school and on the news was amazing.” The east coast does have most of our nation’s history so being able to visit was definitely a cool experience for Preston Thompson.

Court Walker, another senior at Mountain View High School got interviewed about how his break went. Court and his family went on a nice little trip to Saint George. Court said “We got to see Zion and Bryce National Park. It was really nice to have a break from school and get away for a little while.” He explained how beautiful the scenery was and it was a perfect time of the year to go to the national parks. After the trip with his family Court went on to explain how he was in the gym getting ready for basketball tryouts. He said “A little break helps sometimes but I need to be in the gym to get ready.” Court Walker is one of the starters at Mountain View High School and showed his dedication to the game.

As you can see some of the students at Mountain View High School had a great break. Coming back to school is never easy but let’s hope that this quarter is one to remember.