Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Suzuki

Mrs. Suzuki the math teacher.

Mrs. Suzuki the math teacher.

Have you ever had a math teacher that teaches using multiple methods to try and see how you work best? Maybe not, but we have one that does this exceptionally.

Mrs. Suzuki has been teaching math (AB Calculus, Sec Math III, and Honors) at Mountain View for 3 years. She is an outstanding teacher because she uses methods of math that make sense to her, but also other methods because she understands that everyone learns differently.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking and biking. She is also an avid Taylor Swift fan. She says her favorite part about teaching is “getting to know the students, and being able to get to where you can joke around with them.”

I asked some of her students what their favorite thing about Mrs. Suzuki is, and they had lots of good things to say. Lucy McConkie said, “Well she actually makes sense, I love her personality, and the way her eyes sparkle.” Emily Jacob also replied saying: “I love that Mrs. Suzuki is so easy for all the students to get along with! She is so fun and cracks jokes, but I also feel like she genuinely wants me to learn calculus and to help me do my best! Mrs. Suzuki is the BEST!!”

After being asked what advice she would give students— either in general or taking her class— she said, “Your grades do not define your worth and potential. I also think there is some good in a B, because an A might make you think— oh I’m done learning, I have finished all I need to— which it’s not, but a B shows room for growth and learning.”

Thank you Mrs. Suzuki for being an extraordinary teacher, we are very grateful for you teaching us and making math a little easier!