Students prep for Orem with rally

By Kasey Greene

MVHS’s Student Counsel prepared a pep rally with activities for the upcoming game against Orem High and Cross Country going to state.

To start off, the football players and cheerleaders opened up with a dance that included dancing in the dark it was than followed up by switching into each other’s outfits bringing cheers out of everyone. The guys wore the cheerleaders outfits and the girls were all football players jerseys.

​Before the pep rally, students paid a dollar to pie other teachers. Mr. Fong and Mr. Taylor were both selected and did indeed get pied in the face. The money that was raised was given to the refugee women in Utah.

After, the entire school was split into four teams. The teams were red, black, gold and white. Each team had to prove themselves through fun activities that the Student Council had set up.

The first activity that was presented was, the egg challenge. Two students from each team came up and was given an egg to smash on their head. Some of the eggs were raw while the other ones were cooked. Most of the students got covered in egg yolk.

The second activity was a group of eleven guys and ten girls on opposite sides of the gym. Each student was given a cup and had to stack it in the middle of the gym. Once the cup was there, the student ran to the other side of the gym and tagged a team member where they were to repeat the action.

The final activity was a race with bouncing balls. You had sit on a bouncing ball while having a ball on a plunger. Students had to keep the ball on the plunger and get to the other side of the gym.

​In the end, of the pep rally, all the students got together and chanted that they are going to win the game against Orem High.