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Seniors’ plans after graduation


As the 2024 school year comes to an end, our seniors prepare for graduation. After years and years of school, graduation is both a scary and exciting time. It can be sad to leave highschool, but it is the beginning of many new opportunities and experiences.

Iris Gale, a 12th grade student, has bright plans for after high school. “I’m going to UVU after graduation,” Gale said. “My dad is a professor there so I get the opportunity to attend for free.”

Gale is a student who has participated in multiple AP history classes at Mountain View, and plans to continue her love for history during college. She plans to study history in hopes to one day become an archivist. She is also looking forward to the new social experiences college has to offer. “I’m looking forward to being around a new group of people, and being able to meet others with similar interests to me.”

Gale is also excited to walk for graduation. As a successful English student, she has the opportunity to wear English cords on her gown. She is also looking forward to having her extended family from across the country attend.

Meili Nash, another senior, is making some big changes after graduation. She has decided to move to Seattle, to attend Seattle University. She has taken Psychology 2 years in a row at Mountain View, and has decided to study it during college. Nash is having mixed emotions about the move. “I’m nervous because I am leaving all my friends and family, and because Seattle is so much different than Utah.”She said.

Moving to a new place is not an easy thing to go through, but Nash is also looking forward to the experience. “I am excited to have a chance for new opportunities, since I have lived in Utah my entire life.”

Whether you’re going to college, working, or just taking a break, graduation is an exciting time for everyone. Mountain View seniors are looking forward to the new experiences graduation has to offer.

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