Red, White, and Black Day


By: Netania Bassett

For those who feel that Valentine’s Day is overrated or perhaps even unfair, there is a solution! Along with the usual Valentine’s Day, South Korea also has a White Day and a Black Day, but even Valentine’s Day is celebrated a little differently. Instead of lovers exchanging equal amounts of gifts or having the men do all the work, February 14 is all about the ladies showing their love! Valentine’s Day is when girls and women give chocolate to the men in their lives to either express their love, appreciation (‘chocolate of love’) and/or respect (courtesy chocolate). Although stores typically sell a total of about $2.8 billion for Valentine’s Day, homemade chocolate is more appreciated because of the time and effort taken to make it.

White Day, is reversed. March 14 is the day men get to love their women back by returning the gifts and favors. The literal term, ‘triple the return’, sometimes describes the general rule that the return gift should be two to three times the worth of the Valentine’s gift. Popular White Day gifts include cookies, jewelry, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows, but usually only by the men who received a ‘chocolate of love’. For those men who received ‘courtesy chocolate’, they may not express amorous interest but rather a social obligation. Hubba hubba!

Black Day is a day that really needs to start happening in America. April 14th, Black Day, is the day when forever aloners who didn’t give, receive, or celebrate neither Valentine’s, or White Day in any way, shape or form, wear black and get together to sympathize while eating noodles. They usually discuss their lack of affectionate relationships and gifts. Matchmaking events such as speed dating and noodle-eating contests also take place. Finally, single people have a holiday!

South Korea has a tradition for somewhat romantic holidays on the 14ths of every month. For example, June 14th is Kiss Day. Self explanatory.

July 14th is known as Silver Day when silver rings, usually promise rings, are exchanged between couples. Couples may also choose to introduce each other to their parents on this day.

Every 14th of every month has some fun holiday that is dedicated to spending time with a significant other or have an excuse to go out and treat yourself. Why America doesn’t do this may be a mystery, but maybe if enough people started a trend, the tradition could begin in this country.