The Oscars

By: Michelle Acosta

2015’s Academy Awards night was filled with laughter, tears, and inspirational moments. There was no better way to start off the Oscars than with Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick and Jack Black performing ‘Moving Pictures’. No one expected Jack Black to come up on stage, which made it even funnier. Come on, who doesn’t think Jack Black is funny, besides senior citizens? The place could have filled up to the ceiling with the tears after the Common and John Legend’s performance of “Glory”, while pictures of different people, appeared behind them. A very touching moment at the Oscars that night, leading everyone to stand up in tears and applause.

Another surprise that no one was expecting was the stunning performance Lady Gaga gave. A special tribute to Julie Andrews, she sung a Sound of Music medley and gave a flawless performance! She hit all the notes, and definitely made the moment special. Afterwards, Julie Andrews, came up and hugged her. Lady Gaga’s attempt to shake things up was a huge success. Everyone is talking about it, and it’s obvious why.

These are just some of the main awards; Birdman, a Drama film/Comedy, won the Best Movie award. Along with that the director of Birdman, Alejandro Gonzalez, won the Best Director award. Julianne moore and Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor/ Actress. Although some might disagree with who got certain awards, the Oscars was another great success.