Gender Wars


By: Netania Bassett

After a week-long competition of dressing in PJs, in camo, and in every article of clothing of either pink or blue, in an effort to rally up points for their respective gender, the students of Mountain View have decided the result of Gender Wars. The girls were ahead at the end of the week, based on their participation with dressing up, but at the assembly, the stakes were high. Both genders brought their best game, competing neck-and-neck in a range of games and gags. “We only got through half of the games,” Keaton Carlson told the Bruin Post. “We had more charades and family feud planned, and other games like crab soccer.” Certain competitions were designed to favor one gender or the other, including arm wrestling and running in high heels.

Student Council left the student body in suspense, not revealing who had won until the Black Light Stomp later that day. “After the assembly, boys and girls were perfectly tied, which goes to show that boys and girls truly are equal. At the end of the day, the dance-off was the tiebreaker,” Morgan Hartman explained.

The dance-off was determined by splitting the room between boys and girls, after which, each side took their turns showing off their moves. One epic dance-off later, the boys took home the win. “The boys won because Derek and I did a lift,” Keaton Carlson boasted.

According to Andrew Hillier, Gender Wars was “fantastic. We got so much support from everyone dressing up throughout the week. There was so much energy at the assembly and that continued to the Black Light Stomp.” Annie Beeton remarks the event as being “an experience everyone will remember.”