McDonald’s Helper

McDonalds Helper

By: Stephano Puertas

It happened in Downtown Chicago and it’s a heart warming story that is virally being shared. Before the photo taken of the story was shared by more than 315,000 people, a McDonald’s cashier made a very serviceable decision. A handicapped elderly man wheeled himself over to counter to ask the worker for help. Destiny Carreno, who was waiting in line when this action happened was surprised to see that “Kenny”, the McDonald’s worker, agreed to help the elderly man eat his meal. The outstanding cashier closed his cash register, sat down and quickly started cutting the man’s food to help him eat. Carreno thought no one was witnessing the act this cashier was doing so she snapped a picture to share the moment. The photo then quickly went viral. Carreno was unable to stay and thank the man for his work, but she definitely hopes he knows how appreciative she is as well as everyone who shared and read his story.