“Our Lives In Indigo” Returns to Velour


By: Stephano Puertas

Back for a second round, the renewed and revised local band from MVHS played an outstanding show at the Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo. Ever since they started last year, Our Lives in Indigo has done nothing else but elevate their band status and improve their sound. This local band has made their way to perform at a semi-famous venue. The Velour is a place where fame has been made, with big names including Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees. Famous local bands such as The Arcadians have gained a lot of fame through the Velour. The Arcadians have actually graduated from Mountain View High School and have shared experiences with Our Lives in Indigo after their performance. They told them how they have the potential to succeed in this business and can very well be up with the big names. Our Lives in Indigo will continue to go forward and won’t stop shooting for the bigger opportunities. This band has potential and is likely to succeed.