‘Back to the Future’: Now in the Future

By: Stephano Puertas

People all over the world celebrated the movie franchise, ‘Back to the Future’ on October 21, 2015. This very specific day was celebrated due to a certain scene in the second installment of the fantastic franchise. The movie was released back in 1989 and was completely unaware of how much love this franchise would still be getting in 2015. The movie has lead protagonist, ‘Marty McFly’, played by Michael J Fox, with his scientist friend, ‘Doc’, played by Christopher Lloyd. Together they travel in their time-machine car to the future and past. In this second installment, they set to travel to “October 21, 2015; 4:29 PM”. This date was remembered by many and who actually planned to celebrate this franchise and the date that Marty and Doc traveled back into the future to discover hoverboards, flying cars, and hydrated pizzas. Even if those things never became invented, it was a great day to celebrate and watch the outstanding classic movies. Back to the Future will forever be remembered and watched constantly over and over again, for it’s great story and adventure.