13 November 2015: Paris Attacked by ISIS

By: Stephano Puertas, Colton West, and Andrew West

On November 2015, a frightening Friday the 13th, Paris was attacked by many terrorists in different locations, killing 129 people. These attacks include shootings happening in a cafe, a concert venue and bombings in France’s own stadium, Stade de France. People from all around the world have spent time mourning for the Parisian natives from the moment terror struck. Many countries have stated they stand with France in this act of war. ISIS has taken claim for the shootings and recently has been attacked. All except one terrorist was shot down and captured while the last remains missing on the loose. What some US citizens cease to know is that the message ISIS sent out to the world was specifically more direct to the United States. A group of terrorists released news that they plan on targeting the U.S. just as they targetted Paris. They have shared information heavily about hitting Washington. The FBI confirmed to have over 1000 known ISIS members in the United States. ISIS has warned that they have “terror cells” in 15 states. In 5 of these states they have around 73 people, 21 of which have signed up for missions similar to Sunday’s terror attack.

​Main tourist attractions in Paris were shut down for days including The Eiffel Tower. The country of France even closed its borders as they declared a state of national emergency. As of Monday, The Eiffel Tower has been re illuminated with the country’s colors of red, white and blue. President Obama gave his condolences stating that this wasn’t just an attack on the French people, but that this was an attack on humanity. Social media trends have allowed people from all around the globe to express their love to those affected by this tragedy. Facebook allows users to change their profile picture to display the French flag while Instagram and Twitter users utilize the hashtag, #PrayForParis to convey artistic symbolism to those in Paris. Here at Mountain View High School, we send our prayers and thoughts to the people of Paris.