PGHS Locksdown Due to Gun Threat


By: Stephano Puertas & Colton West

On December 3, Pleasant Grove High School experienced a lockdown for the false report of a gunman roaming within the school, that was made up by a student. The reason for the false report was investigated and was found out that he tried getting out of a test from his next class period. The student was placed in a juvenile detention for investigation and is now facing federal charges. Though the report was false, the principal of PGHS says he was very impressed by how fast the police responded to the report. The response was of more than 200 officers who cleared each room of the school building with guns drawn, telling each of the students to raise their hands in the air. The police and staff was very impressed with how the students reacted to the situation at hand as well. Most stayed very calm and did what they had been taught to do in these types of situations.This made everything easier on the police and the job they had to do. This was a very complicated process and took more than 2 hours to finish, with frightened students and parents waiting on the outside of the building. This is the reason that the student of the false report is facing charges, due to the fear and the inconvenience of time in which shootings have happened a near day before. Students and parents have both expressed how grateful that it was just a false alarm and how it has drawn families closer to never take the time with each other for granted.