Drive Safely!

By Aubrey Stallings

There are 3 important factors that go into being a safe driver: attentiveness, education and defensiveness.

Drivers can be more attentive by not talking on the cell phone, drinking a soda or taking your eyes off the road for any reason. Inattentive driving can be caused by being tired, daydreaming or taking medication that causes drowsiness. Long road trips cause something called “highway hypnosis”. No matter what, we need to stay focused by keeping our eyes and mind on the road. A large number of the collisions on the road are caused by inattentive drivers. So, as drivers, we need to recognize situations and make the needed adjustments to keep others safe and arrive home safely ourselves. Allow enough time to arrive at your desired location and make sure you know where you are going before you leave, concentrate on driving by keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. Be aware of those around you and be prepared to react if they should be diving inattentively.

The second important factor is education. Educated drivers know the laws and obey them. They realize that all drivers are not as aware of their surrounding as they are. As an educated driver we have a responsibility to know the laws of the state we are in, know how to do do basic emergency roadside repairs such as repairing a flat tire.

Thirdly, we need to be a defensive driver. The best drivers know that there are distracted drivers around us everyday as we drive. Being a defensive driver is the best way to protect ourselves and others. Key factors of being a defensive driver would be slowing down especially during rain or snow storms, don’t follow the driver in front of you too closely, check your mirror often, keep a lookout for pedestrians and try to expect the unexpected.

​If we can maintain good judgement and protect ourselves on the road, we will be protecting others as well.