MVHS: The Semester Strike Back!


By Colton West

The hectic ambience of the first semester at MVHS has finally come to a close. Students celebrated and hugged out each thrilling moment of the victory that took place through the halls. Little did the students know that darkness was returning. Coming back to strike down once more on the students, and attack with a darker force. A new semester is quickly emerging. It’s here and it’s coming back to take student’s lives and grades in a 5-month long battle called semester 2. A new ‘war’, some may call it. It will be a hard battle and it will be a lasting one, but the spirit of the Bruins is high as they are running head-on into the storm. Sweat, tears and saliva will be running down the student’s faces as they attempt to fend off this new opponent. Hope fluctuates and the struggle is real, but the students of Mountain View will get through this. They will have to face new foes more powerful than before. As the war progresses, Sophomores will face Peer Pressure, Juniors will take on the powerful ACT test, and Seniors will face the mighty Sith Lord, Darth Graduation. They will need more training than ever before. They will need the guidance of the Jedi masters, and they will rely on everything they’ve been taught. It will be difficult, but the Mighty Bruins of Mountain View shall prevail