Blithe Spirit is coming!

By London Sorensen


The award winning farcical British comedy play Blithe Spirit opens next week! February 25-29 at 7pm! You can get your tickets for $5 from any cast member for pre-sale, or pay just $7 at the door! It’s in the little theatre and it’s a show that you won’t want to miss.
Jesse Jessop, stage manager of the show, says the show is “possibly my best high school experiences when it comes to being a stage manager, I love being around the cast and the crew and they feel like a family to me. The show is very clever and funny, and I think the audience is really going to love it.” Blithe Spirit is definitely a high brow comedy, so those who appreciate clever jokes and intellectual humor like that of a British sit-com, will most definitely regret missing the performance.