Winter… Finally


By Stephano & Colton West

It’s finally starting to look like Christmas, even though the season is a little bit overdue. Concerned Bruins express how they thought Winter would never come and most Bruins even celebrated the fact that Winter was just not coming at all. At last, however Winter came down, hard. With frozen windshields and icy sidewalks, it’s become a bigger hassle for any Bruins without a garage.
The cold weather has also brought out a ton of fog which isn’t helping anything either. This is making it so cars drive slower, which could make some students late if they live a little farther than most from the school. Winds are starting rapidly rise as a new storm is headed our way. All that is known about the forthcoming storm is the winds will be high. Last night in SLC winds reached up to 70mph and this is expected to hit orem sometime today. It is looking like heavy rain showers, thunderstorms, and possible storms. As the Bruins place their defenses up, and prepare for a cold fight, Mountain View will still remain it’s ground. As a safety precaution, it’s advised that you be more cautious as you stroll along the sidewalks and drive around the icy roads. It’s a time where safety is a big priority.