MVHS: Return of the Construction


By Stephano Puertas

There is no doubt that Orem has suffered a great hit with road construction lately, especially near Mountain View. This has been an ongoing hassle for months now, and some students are starting to get used to the mess, while as most of the Bruins are getting fed up with needing to drive around the construction or having to take a longer route. This road chaos has resulted in numerous tardies and leaving students irritated with the countless times they have to sit in the road for 20 minutes or even more time.
There has been plenty of jokes going around the school as well about the unnecessary and bad-timed road construction. Saying things like changing the state flag to a road construction sign. These type of things are all a sign of things that tend to be, in most of the school’s opinion, ‘the worst time of the year to do construction’.
Although these construction sites are a result of awful traffic, they don’t seem to be completely useless. The construction seems to be in progress of fixing pipes underneath the road. The bad timing is quite possibly the only time they are able to fix the construction, so whether or not they fix it tomorrow or they fix it in two months, we have to understand that it’s probably for the better and it’s here to bring balance to the force (in the road.)