Why Cancel Culture is Wrong

Over the course of 2020, when nobody could go outside, when nobody could work or go to school, people got very bored. This boredom led to people trying to find things to get angry at. Even the smallest things that somebody might have said a couple years back. Of course cancel culture has been around before 2020, but I think it really started to become popular once covid hit. In this article you will see a couple of reasons why I think that cancel culture is wrong.

The first red flag I see about cancel culture is that it is very unforgiving. People have been attacked for things they said years ago, when that might have been a socially acceptable thing, and even if that person has completely changed, cancel culture will only focus on what these people said years ago. A perfect example of this is the cancelling of Jimmy Fallon. In the year 2000, Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live did an impersonation of Chris Rock while wearing black face. Black face is where somebody paints their face black and pretends to be a black person. When people found this 20 year old video, they were outraged. Jimmy Fallon was cancelled and called a racist for something 20 years ago! Cancel culture will find any reason to be mad at someone, no matter how old the things they find are.

The Spread of Hate
The second thing that I see wrong with cancel culture is that they spread hate and nothing else. The cancel culture never has anything positive to say, and are always finding someone to hate and be angry at. This makes for a very toxic environment, and creates a lot of fear for famous people on twitter. If you are famous and you say the wrong thing, you could end up cancelled. Well over 20 big celebrities were cancelled in 2020. This is a clear indicator that they are not just getting mad at people for doing stupid things, they are going out of their way to be angry and spread hate.

The third thing that I see wrong with cancel culture is that it is extremely unfair and biased. If you have the wrong political view in 2020, you will be cancelled by twitter. The amount of people cancelled for just supporting Donald Trump is too high to count. Chris Pratt, a very famous actor, was cancelled because he was a christian and had not confirmed whether he is for or against Donald Trump. He was not even cancelled for something he said. He was cancelled on pure speculation, and judgement off of his religion. Cancel culture is very biased, and if you don’t agree with the mainstream media you will be cancelled.

Cancel Culture Overall
Overall cancel culture is extremely toxic and makes a fearful environment for anybody on social media. The cancel culture spreads hate, they are unforgiving and unfair. Cancel culture should be cancelled, and left in 2020.