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Veterans day at Mountain View and in our Community


This Veterans Day we continued Mountain View’s tradition of honoring those who have fought for our freedom.

Our school honors veterans through our tribute to Mountain View Alumni who have died in service. In the commons behind the lunch room there is a glass display case honoring two past Mountain View students, Carlos Aragon and Nigel Olsen, who died as Marines fighting in Afghanistan.

The display also highlights the Carlos Aragon & Nigel Olsen Enduring Freedom Memorial Scholarship which was founded in March 2010 and has awarded up to $2,500 to an individual who has worked hard in school but did not receive any other scholarship. The recipient paper on display also says this about the scholarship, “There is a great deal of weight placed on how the student responds to question number 4 ‘what does patriotism mean to you?’ If you are hard working, determined, and have a good sense of patriotism, this scholarship is for you.”

Our performing arts also recognizes Veterans day by being part of city-run Veterans day programs. Our Chamber choir participated in Orem City’s tribute Saturday morning at the Scera Theater. They performed The National Anthem and Who Are the Brave by Joseph Martin. Our choir director Brett Taylor is passionate about involving his students in honoring those who have served our country.
“I think it’s just good for the students to be a part of that to see that because the farther we’re getting away from these wars, the fewer veterans that we have…the less real it is to people so and I want it to be kind of real because the moment we forget about history then we repeat history.” Taylor said.

Veterans Day is an important holiday around the country and that is no different here at Mountain View. These few examples of how we honor veterans are just small things compared to the constant appreciation we can feel throughout the year for those who have served our country.

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