Why Wednesdays Off Is Beneficial

The school year comes in confidently, things are going smooth between the difference between online work and face-to-face meetings. Online school has become a daily part of our lives. Some students may be used to the algorithm, and some are having trouble adjusting to the new change. Nonetheless, we cannot run away from using the online sources of education in the pandemic. Over the few months of school, Alpine district scheduled their junior and high schools to take Wednesday as an online day for students and teachers. This new adjustment has become beneficial to both students and teachers of Mountain View High School.

From the pandemic, online school for students and teachers has become overloaded and difficult. Going into the new school year, having both online and in-person students has put a lot of work onto the teachers and students. Although a shorter school day might’ve helped the workload, as more students get quarantined and transitioned to online school, the work put on teachers has been unbearable. Now since Alpine changed their schedule to having no in-person meets on Wednesday, it’s become a day where then students can catch up on school work and a time for teachers to get in touch with online students. It is extremely needed for the stress load of the school prior to the pandemic.

Not only is this a good day for schoolwork, but it can be a good day to mentally cleanse out stress for students and teachers. The pandemic has been hard for everyone and school might be adding to that. Taking a nice day off in the middle of the week provides both students and teachers a sense of relief and time to mellow out the pressure.

One student said, “I think Wednesdays are really helpful for getting caught up and getting things we need. It’s a nice day to have as we don’t have to worry about extra homework being added. We students can get things fixed or completed. It’s helpful overall to have Wednesdays off.”

Another student has also said, “Yes, I think having Wednesdays off is good. Going to school can be exhausting and getting work in is faster and less rushed. I feel like having Wednesday off gave me a clearer headspace. It’s a nice break in the week to do that.”

Having Wednesday’s off has become beneficial to students, and greatly to teachers. Providing more space to turn in or fix late work, less stress, and more management. Many students share a great appreciation for Wednesdays being off, and overall a good day to rest and catch up for the student body.