Why Rollerskating Is Better than Rollerblading

This is a big topic that I as a roller skater get asked about frequently. I have a lot of people ask me why I roller skate when blades are the better option. Bottom line is skates are better than blades because first of all everyone started skating on blades, second you have better balance, and third you can do a lot more tricks and movement.

Everyone Starts on Blades
Most people that I have gotten on this topic say that they started on blades. I personally started on blades when I first started until about 10 months ago when I started on skates. Why do people start on blades? Well first off they are a lot easier. Many are taught wrong from the beginning because their parents and friends say they are better.

Better Balance
Lets just think about it really quick… blades are a straight line of wheels, and then skates have two wheels front and back. Which one do you think would have a better balance? Skates are the obvious answer. Have you ever tried to stand up on your toes on blades? Tried grapevining? It is probably impossible, because I have never seen it done. Maybe you could be the first.

You Can do More
This kind of goes hand and hand with balance, since skates have more balance you can do a lot more. You can’t jam line with blades (going in a fast synchronized line, through the rhythm of music). You can’t jam battle with (break dancing on skates). You can spin very well (toes or heel to toe). You can’t grapevine (going up on your toes and spinning back and forth (hard to explain over context)). All you can do with blades is go really fast forwards and backwards.

To wrap I have learned a lot about how to skate in my 10 months of doing it. I can personally testify that skating is just an easier concept. It is just that everyone starts on blades, but on skates you have better balance, and you can just do more on skates.