History of Pog Champ

PogChamp is a hype emote (an image to show emotion) on the famous streaming platform, Twitch. This emote was loved by the Twitch community and was recently removed due to the creator of the emote Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez openly supporting the riots at Capitol Hill. Many people will miss this renowned emote and Twitch and their community are trying their best to find a new face to replace Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez as the face of Twitch.

The Pogchamp was made to show the amazement of the user by using someone else’s facial expression. On twitch a man named Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez was used by the community as the face for PogChamp. Ryan’s face had been used for nine years and was removed from Twitch on January 6th 2021. This removal was caused by the creator of the emote promoting the violence at Capitol Hill. The reason the emote was removed is because the heads of Twitch did not want people to think they supported someone who supported the riots.

A few days after the emote was removed Twitch announced that they would be making a new PogChamp everyday to try to replace the love of the emote. As the new faces came out the community has been realizing that recreating the emotion brought by the emote will be difficult and will never be the same no matter what Twitch does.

The old Pogchamp will always be missed by Twitch and any other community familiar with PogChamp. As Twitch attempts to recreate the beloved emote the community can only hope that their efforts get close to the value the old emote had gathered throughout its life span. Even if the emote is never truly recreated, people will always have the idea of what PogChamp means to others and what it means to them.