Teacher Appreciation



A chalk board commonly found in a classroom with a Teacher Appreciation week drawing.

Teachers are the people who are supposed to teach students and get them prepared for the future. Teachers can get people excited about learning and inspire people. Early this May was teacher appreciation week. Teacher appreciation week is a time for students to thank their teachers. These teachers show the solution to problems and explain the things in the world to people. Teachers are all around us teaching people things and expanding their knowledge. This is a good time to remind students to show how much they value their teachers’ time and work.

Many students often give their teachers little gifts this time of year to show their appreciation toward them. These gifts may be some candies or some cookies. Some may even make homemade gifts like cards or baked goods. Whatever the student brings shows the teacher they are appreciated and are doing a great job. The gesture doesn’t have to be big or small for the teachers to feel appreciated. Students can show that they value their teachers anytime, so if they forget the week it’s alright, and they can do something to show just how much they appreciate what a teacher has done for them. There are also things that students do that don’t have anything to do with giving the teacher a gift.

“I would feel appreciated by the students if they came to my class as often as they can!” Mr. Herring said with a smile.

Mr. Herring is a math teacher and coach for the school. And he talked about how students can show their appreciation just by doing simple things like showing up for class and participating in class. He also mentioned the things the school did for the teachers. They did something for the teachers each day, like buy them lunch and give them gifts. Herring also talked about how he knows there are things that he needs to improve on and there are things that he is great at. He continued by saying how he takes mental notes when a student thanks him for something and knows that whatever it was, he is doing a good job at it.

This time of year is a great time to show how much students value their teachers. Whether it is giving them a gift or showing up for class, students can do things to remind the teacher that they are doing a good job. Teachers show up to teach students and try their best to make it intriguing for the students. They are the people who prepare students for the future. No matter the time of year it is always a good time to show appreciation for the teachers in people’s lives.