State Wars: Arizona vs. Utah


Calvin Gustafson

Utah vs Arizona

Arizona and Utah are right next to each other and people in both states think their state is the best. I’m here to end that debate. I have lived in both states and each state has its ups and downs. They are not super different, besides the weather.

The major difference between Arizona and Utah is the weather. Arizona is much hotter than Utah and most parts of Arizona don’t get snow in the winter. Utah’s summers aren’t nearly as hot but in the winter time it’s much colder. Arizona has haboobs and Monsoons. A monsoon are huge rain showers and haboobs are giant dust storms that cover the sky. I personally like Arizona weather better because I hate the cold. I would rather deal with Arizona’s summers rather than Utah’s winters.

In my personal opinion, Utah kids are more accepting and kind. There isn’t as much bullying or teasing compared to Arizona. In Arizona, there are parties every weekend with kids doing drugs and drinking and here I haven’t seen that. They are two very different environments but I would give Utah the advantage on this one.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the difference in sports. One thing I have definitely noticed was that the students in Utah are more willing to show up to games. There are a lot of differences because football in Arizona is much more popular than basketball but in Utah basketball has a slight edge in popularity. Even with Coronavirus going on, I can tell that Utah has more school spirit surrounding sports.

In conclusion, I like the state of Utah more than Arizona even though Arizona has better weather. The people in Utah are nicer, more genuine, and have more school spirit. I have lived in Arizona most of my life and just recently moved to Utah. Even with this being said, I like Utah better than Arizona.