History of St. Patrick’s Day

While you might dress in red, green, and holiday sweaters for Christmas, it’s not a requirement. It’s not a requirement to wear green on St. Patrick’s day either but if you don’t you could risk getting pinched by a leprechaun.

St. Patrick’s day started in the 17th century to celebrate St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It also started to represent Irish heritage in general when more and more Irish immigrants came to America. The feasts that were held grew in size as time went on. Now, parades are held all over the world.

These parades involve a lot of green. But why do leprechauns pinch us if we don’t wear any? Many people say that green makes you invisible so they can’t find you. Others believe that we wear green for other reasons. Some say that it is because of the Irish flag while others say it is because of the green coats the Irish wore when they fought Great Britain. Whatever the reason originally was, now it’s just an excuse to pinch someone, which is something some people might enjoy while others may not.
Along with wearing green, St. Patrick’s day has other exciting events. Some of these include dying the Chicago river green, the big parade in New Orleans, and, of course, lots of parties. Unfortunately, the parade has been cancelled due to covid concerns. Partying is normally a big part of St. Patrick’s day. Sadly This year that won’t be able to happen at such a big degree. That doesn’t stop you from having a small family celebration, or even celebrating by yourself. Just make sure you wear green or you could risk getting pinched.