Best Promposals


With Prom right around the corner, Promposals are on every social media post and every doorstep. From punny posters to grand gestures, there is no wrong way to do it; some people, however, have gone above and beyond to creatively invite or respond to their date to Prom. If you want to ask that special someone but are only lacking in ideas, don’t fret– here are some of the best dance proposals we have seen this year.

Don’t be a chicken

She was asked to Prom with a real chicken! She just lifted up a box and… there it was! She and her brothers were too scared to touch it, but after a while of chasing it, she got the letter from around the chicken’s neck that told her who was asking her to Prom. That’s quite the ask.

Not Horse’n Around

He walked out on his front lawn and there was a little toy horse standing over a bag of horse manure, where he then had to dig through it (with gloves, thankfully) to find his answer. After making him go through that crappy situation, at least the answer was yes!

An Eggcelent Scavenger Hunt

He hid eggs all over the city for her to find, with a rhyming clue written in each of them that led her to the next one. It ended with a poster about one of their inside jokes inside her house. What a hoppy surprise.

A crappy response

She used his own idea to respond to him for Prom. There was a full sized toilet in his room as well as this mini one in his yard, full of Mountain Dew and Tootsie Rolls. Kind of disgusting… but also kind of the shiz, if you know what I mean.

A very Troy Bolton Promposal

He showed up at her house wearing a blazer with tickets that she herself had designed. He brought the chocolate covered strawberries, the empty pizza box, playing “Can I Have This Dance?” and everything. If only our school had a rooftop garden.

… and her perfectly Troy Bolton response:

A friend took him golfing for the day, and she was waiting there and playing the iconic HSM2 song with this poster when they finished their course. She listened to her own heart talkin’ and counted on herself instead… and it led her to this response. Beautiful.

These are only a few examples of the creativity that is going around Mountain View in anticipation and excitement for the first ever school-sponsored dance during a pandemic. There are countless options and creativity is everywhere. Here are a few of my personal favorite resources when looking for help with a dance asking or response:

However, when in doubt, the asking is much less important than the date– so use these and all the other numerous resources available to you as a means to an end, and get asking to Prom if you haven’t already!