Loot Boxes


Thimo Pedersen

Pokémon cards are currently the most expensive trading cards.

Loot boxes are boxes that contain random items with varying value. Loot boxes have been around for a long time. Loot boxes are everywhere these days. Loot boxes can be anything that has a random chance to get items of value. This includes Pokémon cards, Overwatch loot boxes, and even baseball cards. Loot boxes can be found in many places and can lead to addiction or sometimes wealth.
When most people hear about loot boxes, most often they will think about the examples in video games such as Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront 2. This is because video games are what brought loot boxes to the public. This led to many articles on how loot boxes are stealing money and planting gambling addictions in children. While loot boxes can lead to gambling, video games allow you to get these loot boxes and the content in them for free, but many adults and children get impatient when there is something specific they want. This makes it so they start spending extra money to get more chances for these things to get the item they want faster. This is what causes problems with loot boxes: the desire of getting something interesting quickly when waiting is a perfect option. This means gaming loot boxes can cause addiction for people who desire instant gratification and who want to avoid delayed gratification.

There are more examples of loot boxes than just the examples in video games. This includes baseball cards and Pokémon cards. These items are used for a variety of reasons, such as playing games with them or collecting. The latter is the main reason people buy Pokémon cards and many other card based loot boxes. For collectors, these cards are worth money– meaning rare cards will cost more. This makes it possible for people to make profit off of buying card packs and hoping for a card that can get them more money than they have spent. Currently, the most popular card collecting and selling market is Pokémon with many streamers buying thousands of card packs and trying to get expensive cards to either collect or sell. These collectables can be worth more than you spend. Some people can easily be caught up in the purchasing of these packs with a random chance to make profit, often making them lose a ton of money and causing many people to become addicted, thinking that eventually it will pay out.

While getting invested in these things are bad for some people, in moderation it can improve quality of life. While many people get addicted to the pursuit of money in the cards, some just look to try to collect or get something they think is cool. So as long as people don’t get too invested in getting more than they spend in loot boxes or they can wait for their gratification; loot boxes can be a source of enjoyment for people or excitement for people along with any of the negative aspects.